Top 5 Things to Remove from Your Website

Websites can be very annoying indeed. I know I’ve implemented plenty of ‘features’ over the years that have ended up being more annoying than planned. From the <marquee> scrolling text of the 90s through to full screen SUBSCRIBE pop-ups and everything in between. Your site probably has a few aspects which could be annoying to a visitor, so I’ve put together a list of the five I think are most damaging at the moment. If you’re using these, you might want to re-consider.

Autoplaying Media

Whether sound or video, just don’t. Your visitor wants to be in control of whether or not they hear your message out loud. You might expect me to press pause, or mute, but it’s usually quicker for me to hit the back button and be lost forever.

Instant “Download Our App” pop-ups

Whoa there cowboy! I don’t even know if I like your site yet, let alone whether I want to download the app. Give me a chance to make a decision… (HINT: The decision is most likely to be the back button again)

Dead Links

“Oooh, that looks interesting… Oh, it’s not there any more”. Probably the opposite of surprise and delight, so keep an eye on links from your site that go to dead pages whether they’re on your site or elsewhere.

Unnecessary Pagination

If you’d spread these 5 things to remove from your website over 5 pages, you’re doing it wrong. The ad impressions aren’t worth the negative user experience.

Extraneous Text

Don’t pad out your content ‘for SEO’. If you have a ‘minimum word count’ for a page, this one applies to you.