The fifty6 Marketing Budget Calculator

I’ve been going on about a ‘better way’ of working out marketing budgets for a while now. There was this video, and this one, and then this talk.

After those talks, and some feedback from various lovely people I’ve ranted at about this over the past couple of years, I realised that the problem isn’t that people don’t agree with me. It’s generally that they can’t be bothered to get out the pad and pencil and do the maths. I get that, there’s no way that most people will want to do sums when they could be doing something else!

So now you don’t have to. I’ve build a little marketing budget calculator, and if you click that link you’ll be there. All you need is three figures from your own business, and the calculator will spit out a range of budget that you should plan to stick to. It’s a simple as that!

This tool doesn’t collect any data at all, absolutely nothing will be transmitted to fifty6 or anyone else from this tool – it’s just there to hopefully help out businesses in all sorts of niches and of all sorts of sizes.

I’d really appreciate any feedback, because I’m more than happy to improve it over time. If you want to know the maths behind it then check out the first video I linked to in the intro, or poke around in the source code if you’re comfortable there – I’ve left it all out in the open!

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