Facebook Offers: An Exciting New Development for Business Pages

It’s been bubbling away for a while now under the surface, but Facebook Offers have finally started to roll out among pages.

This is A Good Thing™, and probably the most exciting development in business pages on Facebook (in my opinion, at least) since the ability to have your customers ‘check-in’ at your business.

Facebook Offers

What are Facebook Offers?
At it’s most basic level, Facebook Offers give page owners the ability to easily give a discount or freebie to the connections of their page. Obviously page owners have been doing this since day one anyway, but Facebook have packaged it all up in a simple to use product which posts your offer specifically as an offer. This means that all offers will be instantly recognisable as such among Facebooks ever growing user base, and the process to redeem and offer will be consistent across a wide variety of businesses. Making actions easier for potential customers: Another Good Thing

You set an expiry date, a limit to the amount of redemptions, the terms and conditions, add a photo and that’s it ready to go. You can even spread the word with sponsored story ads specific to the offer.

Obviously users can like, comment on and share your offers. Every time they do this, that action gets shared with all of their friends which gets your offer – and, more importantly, your business page – in front of an ever increasing number of potential customers.

How to create an offer
An offer is created simply just like a post on your pages timeline. Above the status box will have the option to post an offer. If your page doesn’t have the ability to yet then sit tight – Facebook is rolling this feature out among the pages gradually. If you do, then fill out the relevant boxes in terms of offer title, expiry date, limit of redemptions, terms and conditions, photo and then post it out to your connections – simple!

What to do once the offer is taken
Facebook will automatically send out an email confirming the offer to your Facebook connection, which they will either bring to you or send to you in an email – make sure your staff know the terms and conditions to enable them to complete the offer smoothly. Most importantly, ask the customer to share the offer among their friends if they haven’t already!


No doubt I will be posting up some success stories of this feature in the near future, but for now I’m experimenting with some various different creative ideas across my clients – it’s a very cool new feature. Enjoy!


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