5 Top Marketing Tips

It’s about time we had a ‘top tips’ style post again. This will be my five favourite tips for approaching marketing in the right way. To be honest, a lot of these tips will probably apply to business as a whole. Enjoy them below.


1. Do Something

If I was doing a ‘5 Biggest Marketing Gripes’ article, I think my first one would be “people who spend far too long thinking about what to do, and actually doing nothing at all”. All the theory in the world will get you nowhere. Doing something badly will get you far further than knowing the right way but doing nothing.

Get something done.

2. Think Of Your Customers/Visitors/Users Gains, Not Yours

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking of the gains we want for ourselves from our marketing. Fantastic marketing actually comes from making sure that your target audience gains something. If you’re the one providing that gain, then you also gain by default.

Do something good for your audience, not for you.

3. Change One Thing

I wrote a whole blog about this a long while ago now, but I’ll re-iterate. When racing cars are sent out to fine tune their setup and get faster laps, they change one thing at a time. Why? Because then they can attribute any successes or failures to that one change. Many changes at a time will only create confusion.

Treat your marketing like a race car.

4. Try Every Relevant Platform, At Least Once

I like to think of any business as a room, and each ma

rketing channel is a door into that room. Close the door, and it can definitely provide no business. Open it and it might. If the door is open and no business is coming through, are you doing well enough in that channel? Try harder, rather than shutting the door.

Open ALL the doors.

5. Track Everything

The worst situation I ever find myself in is talking to a business owner at a networking do or at a conference and conversation turns to one marketing problem or another. I dread asking a question along the lines of “what sort of conversion rate do you get from social traffic?” and getting a blank expression in response. Track everything you do, so that you know exactly what works, and what needs to work harder.

Leave breadcrumbs everywhere.


If you’ve found these tips useful, please share them with other business owners and marketers who may find them interesting too.

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