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As mentioned previously, Google+ (Google Plus, G+, whatever you want to refer to it as) started letting businesses add profiles recently. Great news, we all proclaimed, and then promptly did next to nothing with it.

I’m not going to re-iterate how to set up a G+ business page because it’s been done well elsewhere, but I will talk about the next important step: promoting your page.

G+ New Logo

Use the fact that Google+ is different
To think about promoting your Google Plus page, you’ll want to first thing about what makes it different to your Twitter or Facebook presence – or, indeed, your website. Do you want people to add your business to their circles so that you can vainly spout figures at your peers, or because they will actually gain something from being there? More importantly, will they get something different from your G+ page than they would on your Facebook page?

I’ll not do all your thinking for you, but I’ll point you at this post on How to use Google+ Hangouts for Business for a nice taster on something you can do on Google+ that you can’t do elsewhere.

You still want to let your other connections know you’re there though
That means that you most certainly should share your new page with your connections on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin et all. A little crossover never hurt anyone! Encourage your connections, as you always should, to share your new page to their connections too. Much like networking meeting, you’re not marketing to just the people in the room but to the people they know too.
Don’t just ask your connections to add your new page to their circles either, give them a reason to: “Add my G+ page to your circles and write on the wall to get my ebook” will convert far more than “I’ve got a G+ page, add me to your circle PLEASE”.

So Google+ doesn’t have a Facebook ads equivalent?
At the moment, Google say that they won’t implement an ad platform into Google+. Let’s gloss over two massive facts against that (Facebook said the same thing for a while, and Google is based largely on advertising revenue) and use the ‘work around’ (which is clearly an accident…):
Google Adwords. If you don’t use it already then get involved (either learn for yourself, or get someone on board who knows what they’re doing) and if you do then let me ask you this:

If you were Google, which advert would you rank higher: One which pushes traffic to a businesses website, or one which pushes traffic to a page on your own website?

Yep, so would I. Higher rank => higher quality results => less outlay => more clicks => more connections => more business.

Want me to elaborate? Have any comments or suggestions? Use the comments below!

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